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FASTtag Electrical Testing Software

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FASTtag Features



FASTtag Professional Edition inow has a time saving grid-style interface!
FASTtag Bulk Load

  • Easy to use
  • Best value in electrical test software
  • Saves time searching for appliances
  • Complete test history provides audit trail
  • Fast Data Entry
  • Bulk Load Appliances
  • Barcode scanning
  • Reminders for items due for testing
  • Cut / Copy / Paste
  • Tag Printer Option
  • Tester Interface Option
  • Import / Export Wizard to quickly load data from excel
  • Import results from Trio Pro Logger
  • Custom Reports, Report Designer
  • Custom Tags, Tag Designer
  • Invoicing
  • SmartSync - Network Data sharing
  • Built with the latest Windows features

FASTtag significantly reduces the time required in documenting your electrical testing, to comply with AS3760 and OH & S legislation. By using the latest software platform and an intuitive user interface design, FASTtag is easy to use, flexible and provides the facilities you need in an appliance test recording solution.

Forget about spreadsheets and handwriting logbooks – FASTtag will complete your documentation in a fraction of the time!

"FASTtag is a full-featured Test and Tag database at a fraction of the cost of older and less capable systems. "
Andrew Hardingham - Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing

Electrical Test Information

FASTtag includes all the features you would expect in test and tag software. We make it fast to add new appliances, leads, power boards and other items, with predictive text, abbreviations and automatic numbering of Item Identifiers and labels. Combine this with the graphical display of equipment type (including photos if required), to provide easy recognition of the required appliance, in a tool that is a pleasure to use and easy to understand.

When it comes time to retest, FASTtag also provides some powerful tools to quickly locate the item being tested

  • Automated reminders of items due for retest
  • Colour coding to make items due for retest easily recognised
  • Barcode scanning – of serial number, asset identifier, previous label – configured as you require.
  • Filtering on demand – by current label number, asset identifier, descriptive text – even previous label numbers.
  • Advanced sorting by clicking on the column heading.

Multiple Locations and Sub-Locations

FASTtag allows multiple levels of grouping to locate your electrical equipment. The grouping may be a corporate division, building, room, floor, storage area, manager – however you wish to structure the recording environment. Any grouping may also be further divided into other groups. This user definable structure of the organisation is ideal for larger customers, helping you to quickly locate the group of items being tested.

Printed reports can be filtered by location, or location and all sub-locations. You can also filter reports by test date or a range of dates. The report gives a summary of the total number of tests, number of items passed, failed and not found, as well as the Tester's name and competency / license number.

Tag Printer Option

With the addition of the Optional Tag Printer software, your test and tag operations are further automated, with each tag printed automatically as you complete the test. The tag provides all the necessary information including your company name and logo, the item number (complete with bar code), the tester's name and competency / license number, and next test date. The Tag Printer Option is a massive time saver, while ensuring errors are not made when hand writing tags.

The Tag Printer Option gives you the flexibility to customise your tag - to change the logo, just select a new logo file. We can even completely re-design the layout of the tag for you!

Tester Interface Option

With the Tester Interface Option, you are able to connect your computer direct to your portable appliance tester. As each test is performed, you get the results live in FASTtag. as each test is completed. As well as the pass / fail status, you can also optionally record the electrical measurements. Not only does this save you time, you know the results are 100% accurate, because they are direct from the tester.



You can customise your FASTtag environment to suit your business and testing requirements

  • Configurable user environment
  • Adjustable Predictive Text
  • Multiple Test Equipment
  • Multiple Users
  • Reminder settings

A full test history is retained, so you have a complete audit trail of all tests performed and all test events (e.g. disposed of, repaired, etc.). You will be able to print reports to comply with your local OH & S requirements.

Asset management

Optionally, FASTtag can become an asset management tool, recording information such as brand, model, serial number, purchase date, supplier and costs. You can also include a photo if required.

Import from Excel

Many testing professionals have used a simple Excel spreadsheet to record their testing results. Importing the information from existing spreadsheets is fast and easy with the Import Wizard. The integrated point-and-click wizard guides you through the steps of locating the file, deciding on rules for the import and then mapping Excel columns to fields in FASTtag.

Import from Trio Pro Logger

The Import Wizard can also import the test results direct from a Trio Pro Logger csv file. This is a simple process that automatically manages the creation of companies, locations and sites in the Trio Pro Logger file, add the appliances and record the test results.

FASTtag Professional Edition

FASTtag Professional Edition has been designed for the Test and Tag Professional with many powerful productivity features such as Invoicing, Customisable Reports, Customisable Tags, Configurable System Settings and Data Export. FASTtag Professional Edition also introduces our unique SmartSync technology, allowing data to be easily shared across the network. The advanced features in FASTtag Professional Edition are unrivalled, and will save you time, while helping you provide a professional service to your customers.

FASTtag Tablet

FASTtag TabletFor the ultimate in portability the FASTtag Tablet includes both the FASTtag software and the durable, industrial strength Tablet computing hardware (CL900 from Motion Computing). With a user interface mode specifically designed for tablets, FASTtag Tablet is the mobile solution for Test and Tag Professionals. Light enough to take anywhere (0.95kg) and with up to 8 hours battery life, FASTtag Tablet helps you to work faster, smarter and more effectively.

Try it today!

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How to purchase

FASTtag test and tag software is available through our sales partner network.

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For more information about FASTtag, contact Advanced User Systems on 02 9878 4777 or

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